junior Speaking contest 16/17

by Donna Landwaard (2Ta)

On the 9th of March, we went to the junior speaking contest. When we first got there, we could get some chocolate eggs and something to drink. Then we went to the main room. There was a podium and a lot of chairs.

Floor was the second of the second class. The speakers got a microphone. So when the first one was done, it was Floors time to shine. She got up the podium and started with her speech. She did a great job. Her speech was about singing and how that could make you smarter. When she was done a lot of other speakers were giving their speech. They were really good and they took this very serious. Then we had a small break and after that break the speakers of the third class had to speech. They were also really good. Tasja represented our school and did very well.  

Then it was time to announce the winners and the runner ups. Unfortunately, the kids from RSG (Floor & Tasja) didn't win. Everybody got a trophy and a red rose. After this amazing experience we went to the Mac Donald's, that was delicious.​