Phileas Fogg

oktober 2016

On Monday the 31st of October, we had a performance together with Phileas Fogg. Charlie and Melanie from England helped us to make a great show for our parents! It had been such an awesome experience to do! It was about the Victorian Times, so we all had a role as a Victorian boy or girl. I had put some makeup on, but that didn't make any sense anymore, after we all got black soot on our faces.

I was standing in the front, so I was the first one in the row, and then Melanie put the black stuff all over my face! But still it was fun, I really didn't expect that! Then, we had to run into the hall, screaming and all. After that, we were split up into two groups. We had so much fun, and our parents didn't know where to look. Everywhere something was happening. So when I was shouting for example, the other group was smashing chairs into each other. By the way, my nickname was: big screamer! The whole play was actually history, but then in a fun way! We learned so much while we were doing it. I also liked the part when mrs Waegemaekers came in and that Charlie had to play as if he really, really liked her. There were some cool effects too, like the steam when there was a gas explosion. I'm really looking forward to the following years with them, when we are going to do a play about Shakespeare and World War one!

(by Lisa Verweij, L2Ta)